Zimbabwe: Rangers Kill Two Poachers

PARKS rangers have shot and killed two poachers in Chaizarira National Park in Binga during a shoot out.

The rangers recovered three Lee-Enfield rifles, 76 rounds of 303 ammunition, one pair of elephant tusks and some fresh elephant meat. Some of the poachers fled. The bodies of the unidentified poachers, suspected to have come from the Sinamuchembo communal lands in neighbouring Gokwe, have since been taken to the mortuary at Binga Hospital. Parks public relations manager, Ms Caroline Washaya-Moyo, last week gave details of the battle.

"A ranger manning the entrance to the park heard two gun shots about 8km to the eastern side of the gate around 4pm and reported to the main office. Our rangers tracked the poachers and had gun contact with them at night, resulting in the death of two poachers and recovery of the guns and ammunition. "Parks is strongly warning poachers and would-be poachers that the authority has taken a zero tolerance attitude towards poaching. We stress that anyone who dares cross into parks territory for the purposes of poaching should be warned that the consequences can be fatal," she said.

Only one elephant has been killed and the authority is still searching the area.


Source: http://allafrica.com/stories/201104111167.html